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Apr 12, 2016

It is important when looking at the spaces available on a rooftop or balcony to create a garden that you make the best use of the space. One clever way to use the same style pot in various sizes. This garage rooftop used one pot in 3 different sizes and then planted with a variety of plants.

This adds interest and texture instantly and a garden is created. Behind this selection of pots are purpose built rectangular troughs. Custom made troughs are a great idea to create a garden for apartment balconies or courtyards as they can be made to order to fit the space. The combination of plants here include Echinocactus grusonii – Barrel Cactus; Agave victoriae-reginae – Queen Victoria Agave, Dasylirion wheeleri – Sotol, Kalanchoe ‘Copper Spoons’ – Copper Spoons, Aloe ‘Tangerine Tree’, Agave guingola x parasana and Lomandra ‘Tanika’ ‪

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