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Creating a low maintenance garden

Aug 22, 2017

Low maintenance garden

A low maintenance garden is one of the most commonly heard requests at Secret Gardens. While there’s no such thing as a no maintenance garden – that would be a concrete slab and is not our area of expertise – there are plenty of ways to minimise the amount of time you’ll spend working in your garden, so you can maximise the time you spend just enjoying it.

Plant smart

low maintenance gardenThere are certain types of gardens that just don’t suit a time-poor person who doesn’t want to devote their weekends to gardening. Think cottage gardens, which require constant picking, pruning, tweaking and nurturing to look their best. To achieve a low maintenance garden you’ll want to avoid plants that need an excess of attention. Plants like perennials that need constant deadheading, or roses that get every disease under the sun, for example – while filling your beds with plants that will thrive in the unique conditions of your garden.

Keeping to a smaller palette of plants – perhaps just half a dozen varieties – with similar watering and feeding requirements will reduce the amount of time and mental energy you’ll have to spend keeping them alive.


Work now, play later

By putting in a bit of thought and, from time to time, a bit of elbow grease, you can reduce the amount of work needed later. A low maintenance garden is one you do not need to worry about watering. Irrigation is a must and with an automated timer, it’s set and forget. You can extend the time between waterings by putting down good quality mulch, which will also stem the tide of weeds so you’re not breaking your back to maintain your beds.


Strike a balance

Creating what feels like a low maintenance garden to you might be a matter of considering what you like to do. Are happy to deadhead, but loath mowing? Perhaps choose pavers or a lovely ground cover plant instead of lawn. Consider how much you are willing to do and balance this with the benefits of certain planting and design decisions. For example, raking dead leaves is a pain, but more than compensated for by the joys of a deciduous tree, which provides shade in summer and sunlight in Winter.

Finally, embrace the work and make it a part of your routine. Make yourself a cup of tea, wander out and pluck a few weeds while you enjoy the cool dewy grass on your bare feet, deadhead some flowers while savouring the fragrance of others in bloom. A little maintenance is no bad thing, encouraging you outdoors and connecting you with your garden. Or if it all seems to hard and you really do not want to spend any time looking after the garden, then engage Secret Gardens Horticultural team to do it all for you.

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