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Feb 16, 2017

If you love a lush garden, but loathe the maintenance, there’s an app for that! New garden technology is taking some of the sweat out of keeping your green spaces in shape, saving you time (and potentially money) and making you a better informed gardener. Read on for some of the gadgets that have caught the eye of the Secret Gardens team.

Robotic Mowers

Garden Technology Robotic Lawn MowersGarden technology extends to mowing your lawns. Waking up the neighbours with your lawn mower on a Sunday morning could be a thing of the past. Robotic mowers are taking over this most tedious of garden chores. Like a Roomba for the outdoors, robotic mowers do the job for you by moving in random patterns over your lawn, guided by boundary wires around garden beds. As a bonus, by giving your grass a gentle regular shave rather than one brutal weekly or fortnightly cut, the microscopic clippings can fall to the soil, adding to the health of your lawn.

Garden Sensors

Garden technology Edyn Garden Sensor

Gardening can feel like a bit of a guessing game for the inexperienced plant wrangler. New garden technology products aim to take some of the confusion out of cultivation. The Edyn garden sensor is one such product. The solar-powered sensor is inserted into the soil and gives you regular updates, via a phone app, on the state of your garden, including light, moisture and nutrients. It can then recommend steps you need to take to keep your current crop happy.

Smart Watering Systems

Striking the right watering balance (and saving resources) is now easier too. The Edyn water valve tweaks your existing irrigation system to suit the moisture in the soil, while other smart systems, such as Blossom (currently only available in the US), connect to the internet and adjust your sprinklers based on the weather.

Pest Control

Garden Technology Pest ControlEven pest control can now be automated. If possums (or bats, or deer) are tucking into your veggie patch, gadgets such as The Guardian can be employed to scare them off with high-frequency sound, triggered by motion detectors.

While there’s no substitute for getting down and dirty in the soil, we love the sound of any new innovations that might allow us to spend more time just enjoying our gardens.

Robotic lawnmowers
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