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Jul 07, 2016

Garden Travels:  Secret Gardens staff share their travel stories

Simon Howard our Landscape Designer recently visited Bali spending eight days on the Indonesian islands of Bali and Nusa Lembongan. As with everyone at Secret Gardens, when he travels he always wants to experience overseas gardens.

He shares his recent trip with us…

Simon’s garden travels

A wedding invitation, coinciding with an airfare sale offering $305 return flights to Bali; things just came together quite nicely. After 6 hours flying, then a battle through the chaotic traffic, dodging scooters and the occasional dog and chicken, I had arrived.

One of the biggest points when we design our client’s gardens is lifestyle. How will a garden reflect and interact with your way of life? The closer you get to getting the design right, the more involved the finished garden becomes part of your everyday routine. Much of South East Asia’s architecture and garden design is evolutionary, with open plan lounge rooms and kitchens closely associating with the practical outdoor zones of their gardens, creating popular transitional indoor/outdoor rooms and pool spaces.

Transitional spaces

If a house is designed well and connected with the outside environment, through transitional spaces and promotes air flow, we are less reliant on air conditioning. Certainly a concept we are embracing in Australia as we blend our traditional English styles of Architecture with our geographical locale of the Asia Pacific.

Whilst construction finishes aren’t always as clean and sleek as they could be in Bali, these finicky details just aren’t as important. Walk through and experience their gardens and don’t be afraid to have a little dirt on your hands or slightly wet feet.

With the ever growing influence of tourism, well planned hotels and villas, most by international design and architecture firms, are springing up to accommodate, and the results are great! The gardens are certainly what do the talking in most scenarios, with a big influence of lush and bold plantings; after all the tropical climate itself drive this.


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