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Heating for the Garden

Jun 11, 2012

It’s happened, there’s no denying it, winter has well and truly arrived here in Sydney and it’s time to think about heating for the garden.

But it’s not all cold and drab days with overcast skies and rain.  A Sydney winter is actually one of the best seasons for beautiful blue skies and gentle enriching sun.  And to make the very best of it, light up a roaring fire in a beautiful outdoor fire pit to keep lovely and warm from early mornings right through the night. There is something mesmerizing about an outdoor fire; they look great, they smell great and they create the most wonderful atmosphere. Perfect for keeping warm and making the most of the outdoors all year round.

If your space is a little smaller or your not 100% keen on a roaring fire in your courtyard an Eco Smart fire is the way to go. Fill up a specially designed vessel with metholated spirits and burn a beautiful flame, great for smaller portable fires or a designed built-in outdoor fireplace, it’s the city’s answer to the traditional wood fire.

So rug up and get out this winter, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love toasting marshmallows?

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