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Jul 26, 2016

What’s the difference between a Landscape Designer & Landscape Architect?

One question we often get asked by clients.

Plants species, horticulture, urban spaces, scale, town planning, multi-disciplinary consultants? So what actually is the difference between a Landscape Designer and a Landscape Architect?

When a client first enquires with Secret Gardens and a design consultation is arranged, a team member is designated to the job. It’s not always which member of the design team is available at the time that is assigned to a  project but often who the best person for the specific job is. Secret Gardens currently employ 8 talented individuals in the Design Department both as Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects. Our roles are so closely entwined, no matter which of the 2 disciplines we initially studied, after 3-5 years’ experience working side by side within a company like ours, we all cross-over. It’s the little niche’s that individuals are good at that continue to separate us and often these are the elements that suit specific clients.

Landscape Architect

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Straight out of study

A Landscape Designer is generally trained at a residential scale, whilst a Landscape Architect is trained to deal with larger commercial projects, and urban spaces. Whilst, each is an expert in their respective field it does not mean that they are unable to cross-over into other sectors without adding value.

Landscape Designer

A Landscape Designer generally has a stronger understanding of the ecological needs of the site in order to maximise the potential functionality. Designers are often used to analyse the existing architecture and yard layout, producing a plan to suit what is already there and enhance these features through clever use of patios, pathways, gardens and features. Landscape designers will have a better understanding of the geographic region in order to choose the right plant and tree species to suit these site conditions, their vast horticulture and plant species knowledge being unrivalled by a landscape architect.

Landscape Architect Secret Gardens

Landscape Design

Landscape Architect

A Landscape Architect has a better appreciation for a whole site, much of their training focus on urban spaces, town planning and larger scale. They tend to be involved with the design from an earlier stage, often being called upon by the Architect to advise on initial layouts. Landscape Architects also have the ability to design more structures e.g. gazebos & cabanas that may be required on site, and any related or non-related grading issues may be resolved by an architect including drainage modifications. Landscape Architects have the ability to put together 3D illustrations and renderings, this being a specialty of their training.

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Working, experience and residential gardens

In the ideal world you would have access to both architects and designers in a residential setting which is certainly what Secret Gardens offer as part of our services. Generally the Landscape Architects that have joined Secret Gardens are keen to increase their Horticulture knowledge and as the company heavily focuses on plants in their designs it is the perfect place to do so.  At the end of the day it is what resources a company can draw from and the experience behind them that essentially evolve a Designer or Architect into this cross-over role.

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