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plants in pots

Plants in pots

Oct 06, 2016

Plants in pots – how do you use them? If you have an awkward corner in the garden or an unsightly feature such as an air conditioning unit that needs screening or a spot next to the steps that needs a certain something, this is a cost effective way to manage. Alternatively, there might be a highly visible spot that needs a strong focal statement.

Careful design and use of plants in pots can help lift these areas or obscure the background. There is a huge variety of pots and bowls to choose from. Location, style, scale and aspect all need to be considered before selecting the right plants. For example, consider using a contemporary planter with a more classic inspired planting arrangement to create a great look. Or use lots of pots together in a particular arrangement. Don’t forget hanging pots too can be used where space allows, to achieve a truly ‘hanging garden’. You can also change the plants over if you are wanting to refresh the look of your garden or space.

They are a great addition to apartment balconies so you can create an interesting outdoor space. For those moving around a lot, your investment can also move with you.

Happy planting.


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