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Outdoor lounges

Feb 27, 2018

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Choosing an outdoor lounge setting or chairs can be as crucial a decision as your living room sofa. Make the right choice and the outdoor room could become your new favourite place. Our friends at Eco Outdoor gave us their top tips for making the right selection.

Choose the right materials for the setting

If it’s exposed to the elements on a daily basis, for example on a coastal balcony, a lounge or chair with a sturdy fabric covering and quality construction that will tolerate the harsh Australian weather is a must. Teak is an ideal material for an outdoor lounge setting as it ages so well and, from an aesthetic point of you, suits a beach-style setting. Galvanised powder-coated steel is another material that weathers well outdoors and looks excellent in a slightly more modern or urban setting.

Match the sofa style to your space

Are you a lover of all things modern or do you prefer something more traditional? Is your outdoor space in the city or beachside? Your design style will not only dictate the design of the outdoor setting but also the materiality.

Sofa size matters

It’s important to consider how big the setting actually needs to be, not just in terms of what will actually fit in the outdoor space, but how many people will be using it and what for? For a big family or big entertainers, a larger lounge, such as the Eco Outdoor ‘Nomah’ or ‘Balsa’, will accommodate lots of bottoms. But if the lounge is going to sit alongside an outdoor dining setting, a smaller lounge setting will provide a comfortable place to sit without over-cluttering the space. And when extra guests do drop around, simply use dining chairs for extra seating.

Choose the look you love

At the end of the day, don’t forgot to look for the setting that you really, truly love. The lounge should live a nice long life in your outdoor space, and the first step in ensuring that happens is choosing one that you want to snuggle up on whenever you see it.

Our Top 5

As these tips show, there’s no one-size-fits-all sofa and every project has different requirements. But here are a few of the settings that pop up on the wish lists of Secret Gardens staff.

  1. Eco Outdoor ‘Ord’ modular loungeWe love this for bringing modern design and comfort together. It looks great in black and charcoal, and can work in so many settings, with the flexibility to combine modules for any space and shape.
  2. B&B Italia ‘Springtime’ chaise longue from SpaceYou can’t go past B&B Italia for a simple, stylish and high quality piece that you will love today, tomorrow and forever. We love the connecting chaises with the table in between, which is just made for catch-ups with friends.
  3. B&B Italia ‘Springtime’ sofa from SpaceThis is another B&B Italia favourite from the Springtime range, but as a lounge. With its deep seats, it’s super comfy, while also looking great.
  4. Tait ‘Trace’ modular by Adam GoodrumWhen we first saw this range at Denfair in Melbourne, we thought it was an internal lounge, as the fabric was so lush. Covered in a blue velvet-style fabric, it was begging for people to sit on it – and they did! It’s sophisticated but delivers on comfort. As a modular system, it provides great flexibility to adapt to any area.
  5. Gloster ‘Vista’ sofa from Cosh LivingDirector Matt and CEO Rochelle at Secret Gardens have these in their own home, they love them so much! Made from powder-coated aluminium, the frame is striking in white. You can have cushions made in almost any colour and fabric, which gives you great flexibility to mix things up and design to complement your interiors.

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