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Telopea Speciosissima - Warratah

Plant of the month | New South Wales Waratah

Aug 20, 2012

One of Australia’s most beautiful flowering shrubs, the New South Wales Waratah is the floral emblem of New South Wales and one of the first Australian plants to be collected for cultivation in Europe.

A tall upright evergreen shrub, the Waratah grows up to 3 metres tall with glossy toothed leathery leaves, preferring a full sun to lightly shaded position. It flowers prolifically from mid spring to early summer with a tight cluster of red flowers and large leafy bracts.

Waratahs prefer well-drained sandy soils and can be long-lived, responding well to pruning which encourages flowering the following year.

Botanical name:                Telopea speciosissima
Common name:                 New South Wales Waratah
Family:                                     Proteaceae
Origin:                                      Coast and mountains of central New South Wales

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