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Plectranthus argentatus

Plant of the month | Plectranthus

Jun 04, 2012

Grown mostly to provide striking colour and texture contrasts in shady areas – Silver Plectranthus is a sprawling, mounded shrub which grows to around 1 metre in height, though usually kept lower by regular tip pruning.

Its soft, velvety-textured leaves cloak the plant with a lovely silvery-green tint. Sage-like spikes of small mauve to white flowers emerge in Autumn, covering the plant in a thick cloud of fluffy blooms.

With a vigorous growth habit this shrub quickly forms a broad mass of silver, making it particularly useful for coastal and Mediterranean style gardens where its drought tolerance and striking silver tones are much sought after. Works equally well in mixed borders and semi-tropical planting schemes.

Plectranthus brings light to shady spots, and looks particularly stunning in association with dark green plants, burgundy foliage & white flowers. Tolerates drought once established and can be used in fairly shady areas through to full sun, though is best offered some protection from the hot Western sun which can scorch the leaf tips.

Botanical name:                 Plectranthus argentatus
Common name:                 Silver Plectranthus, Silver Shield
Family:                                Lamiaceae
Origin:                                 Australia, NSW

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