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Crassula argentea

Retro plants and planting styles – 1970s

Mar 07, 2016

The free love continued into the 70’s with the hippie generation. The 70’s started a mainstream affirmation of the environmental issues that early activists from the 60’s brought to the public.

Popular retro plants of this decade were independent, hardy, bold plants that could be used to create microclimates anywhere. Potted plant arrangements and indoor foliage colour plants were used extensively in offices and at home.

Some of  these hardy plants included the Ficus elastic (Rubber Plant), Chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant), Crassula Ovata (Money Plant) and Sansevieria (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue). These plants not only reflected the popular bold trends seen in fashion but also a living connection with ‘nature’.


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