Located over four hours south of Sydney, this project spans across a compact, narrow headland that affords wonderful views through mature Spotted Gums.  During the devastating fires of 2019, the original garden that was created in conjunction with newly built residence was sadly lost.  The house, as well as the Spotted Gums, were largely spared and they provided the backdrop and inspiration to create an entirely new landscape. More ambitious than the previous, our aim was to celebrate the site and to enhance the scale and drama of the surrounds.  Stone walling, Corten steel details, stone tiling and an extensive network of gravel paths now surround the home and lead to a series of destination points that allow our clients to enjoy key moments throughout in this unique location.  The new planting, though extensive, is low key.  It connects the home to the towering trees, softening the subdued materials palette throughout the landscape and restoring much needed cover to this exposed site.


McKenzies Beach, Malua Bay




Landscape Architecture, Construction, Horticultural Services

"The surrounding canopy of Spotted Gums provides a dramatic change in mood between sunrise and sunset as the light level shifts."
Matt Cantwell
Creative Director