Villa Rosa

This garden has been developed over a series of stages during what has been a long-standing relationship with our client. Spanning a double block with a steep descent to the water, this is an intimate garden that belies it’s true scale. The house was designed by the late architect Savin Couelle, once based in Sardinia and noted for his organic forms that were absorbed into the landscape. The garden has numerous destination points and highlights, many of which have been carved into the sandstone bedrock. Much of the site had been completely stripped and excavated during one of the larger stages when the neigbouring block was acquired to increase the garden, before then being rebuilt and populated with a diverse selection of mature palms and trees. Our client’s passion for Mediterranean gardens is reflected throughout the garden design, particularly the planting, rich in diversity and deliberately relaxed, it allows for regular change as we explore new species.




Never Complete


Landscape Architecture, Construction, Horticultural Services


Savin Couelle 1929- 2020