Christmas gifts with Hibernate

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful pot as a present. Here at Secret Gardens, all our Christmas (and birthday, and Mother’s Day) presents are covered by our own Hibernate range. Gift a pot on its own, or pair it with the perfect plant for a present that really shows you care. Read on for our pick of plant pairings.

Hanging planters

The best plant match for a hanging planter will always be a trailing plant, something that will cascade down the sides and soften the look of the pot itself. Succulents are a modern favourite and there are loads to choose from, including rhipsalis, donkey’s tail and chain of hearts. Or try Rhipsalis cereuscula, which is sometimes called pompom plant; it doesn’t trail quite as much but still looks wonderful.

These succulents aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if you’re shopping for someone with more classical tastes, a flowering plant like hoya, with its lovely waxy flowers, might be more suitable. Or try Aptenia cordifolia (baby sun rose) – this tough succulent has little pink flowers that will charm the most tough-to-buy-for rellies.

High line

The Hibernate ‘High Line’ troughs are tall and narrow, and ideally suited to courtyards, balconies and anywhere space is at a premium. We love a compact, leafy shrub like Philodendron ‘Little Phil’ in these, but you can put almost anything in them. For flowers, try kangaroo paws with a combo of native foliage, or monstera with anthuriums for a hit of colour. Look at where it’s going to go and take inspiration from there – Nanna’s formal garden might demand buxus or gardenias, or you might go for a mix of succulents for a modern look.

90 degrees tall range

The tall range is designed to make a statement – regal and imposing on their own or gathered as part of a group. There’s not much you can’t put in one of these pots, though our top tip is to stick with tropical plants or softwood perennials. Any big, woody plants or trees in a tall pot like this may lose balance if they’re not secured.

92 degrees low bowls

Ranging from tabletop-size 350mm bowls to 900mm-diameter statement pieces, these relatively shallow pots are ideally suited to succulents. But you don’t have to stick to small fry if your aim is to make an impact. Taller cacti work beautifully in these – we love the fencepost cactus, which grows straight up and can touch the ceiling if you let it go! A great gift idea is one of the smaller bowls, planted with a selection of pretty echeverias or other succulents, as a coffee table centrepiece – just be sure not to request drainage holes.

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Stay up to date with the latest transpire news, events and insights...